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ClassicTone # 40-18054, Marshall JTM 45 & 50W Plexi, 45W / 50W Laydown Upgrade Style Power Transformer, 100/120/220/240V

Great vintage era type constructed, paper layer wound power transformer for JTM45**, JTM50** and 50W Plexi** "type" amplifiers requiring laydown style mountings (a.k.a flat mounted)! The multi-national primary voltages of 100V, 120V, 220V & 240V are featured here. This is a great upgrade transformer featuring the highest performance and coolest running M-6 steel lamination. This also features B+ ratings appropriate for both solid state and tube rectification applications. This also features a bias tap for extra versatility. This power transformer covers most 45W and 50W Marshall style applications of the 1960's era. Also, this is a great laydown type power transformer for use in 50W or "so" DIY amp projects and new OEM builds.

Amps used in: JTM 45**, JTM 50** and 50W Plexi JMP's**
For reference only: 1202-55, 1202-118 
Series: Plus
Made by Magnetic Components Inc. Right here in Chicago USA.... Specifications


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