Click to enlarge6CA7 EH Matched PAIR BIG BOTTLE TETRODE

6CA7 Large Bulb Electro-Harmonix Tube: From Electro- Harmonix, great copy of the old Phillips/Sylvania large-bulb 6CA7 tube. Very useful for folks who like this version of 6CA7 but can't afford the prices NOS go for nowadays. Made in Russia. These tubes sound especially great, and give a big & beefy output in place of EL34's. They can handle extremely high plate voltages with a full, rich tone that will surprise and delight you! They are tough and rugged, and provide exceptionally rich tone & harmonics in guitar amplifiers, and are also great for high-end hi-fi amps, and will give you wonderful clarity, detail, & punch! Premium Matched Pair.


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