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Recap Set for Fender Blackface AB763 (Twin, Super Reverb, Vibrolux, Bandmaster)

Time to give those old fenders some new life! Here is a Recap Set for Blackface AB763 Fenders such as Twin, Super Reverb, Bandmaster, Vibrolux, and blackface bassmans. This set includes Sprague Atom Capacitors and Replacement PS dropping resistors. If your amp still has the original caps, it is time to upgrade; most electrolytics only last about 15 years, causing muddy response, hum, and possible damage to the amplifier. We have made it easy for you, get everything all in one spot. Simply unsolder the old caps and resistors, replace with our upgrade caps and you're all set! We also upgrade the input capacitance to 50uF instead of the stock 35uF for tighter bass response. You will receive 100uF @ 350V X 2, 20uF @ 500V x 3 as well as 4.7k and 1.k metal oxide dropping resistors.


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