1M 2W Audio Military Sealed Potentiometer PEC Canada
1uF 200V Sprague 735P Film & Foil Capacitor
1uF 250V IC Capacitor
2 pole 4 Position Rotary Switch
2 Pole 6 Position Rotary Switch CTS T206 MADE IN USA NOS in BOX
2.2k 1w Metal Oxide Resistor
2.4k 1/2W Carbon Film
2.7k 1/2W Carbon Comp.
2.7k 1/2W Carbon Comp.
2.8ohm 5W Resistor
20 uF 500V Sprague Atom
20 uF 600V Sprague Atom TVA 1966
20-20-20-20 uF at 475V Twistlock Capacitor
200 pF 600V Polystyrene Capacitor
2000 uF 25V Sprague Atom axial electrolytic
200k 1/2W Carbon Film
200k Resistor
20AWG Shielded Wire
22 pF 500V Silver Mica
2200 uF 50V Axial
2200pF 630V Capacitor
22848 ULT Bandmaster Style Ultra-Linear 30W Output Transformer 4/8 ohm - Also for jukebox, hi-fi, radio, stereo - MADE IN USA
22921 Fender Reverb Driver Transformer MADE IN USA
22uF 500V F&T Capacitor
240V Export Power Transformer for FENDER 6G15 G15 Add-On Reverb Unit 47610 MADE IN USA - LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
249 Ohm 3W Metal Oxide Resistor
25 Lug Universal Turret Board - Use on Marshall Style 50w and 100w, more! - HANDMADE IN USA
25 uF 25V Sprague Atom capacitor
250 pF 500V Silver Mica
250 pF 600V Polystyrene Capacitor
250 uF 25V Sprague Atom Electrolytic
2500ohm 2.5k 5W Wirewound Resistor, more values available, up through 10000 ohm, email requests
250K ALPHA Audio Control
250ohm 10W Wirewound

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