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Nice set of newly built MkIII mono block amplifiers. These amps are built on new production nickel plated reproduction chassis and use our dynaclone P782 power transformers, A431 output transformers, and C354 choke inductors. They also feature our upgraded driver board using a pair of 12AU7, 12BH7, ECC99, or 6CG7 (jumper must be installed on board for 6CG7)This upgaded circuit uses a cascoded input stage coupled to a Long Tailed Pair PI for much better linearity and noise figures than the original dynaco circuit. The driver board uses solen coupling capacitors and polystyrene + silver mica capacitors for phase compensation and feedback loop. SDS Labs capacitor boards are used to ensure many years of good service from the power supply, these boards up the capacitance to 50uF per section and have a rating of 630V although this could be increased to 800V by removing the bypass capacitors on the board. All sockets are new production amphenol parts. RCA jacks are gold plated and teflon insulated. The amplifiers include two pairs of JJ KT88's, two JJ GZ34's, and two pairs of JJ ECC802 longplate tubes.

Dynaco MkIII Mono Block Pair MkIIIpair$1,699.95

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