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Pilot "High Fidelity" Model SM-244 Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier. Controls for: Volume, Loudness, Stereo Balance, Bass, Treble, Stereo Mode Selector, & Input Selector. Inputs: Phono, Tape Head, Mic, Radio, & Aux. Has Stereo Tape Output. 4, 8, & 16 Ohm Speaker Outputs. Tube Complement: 6BQ5/EL84 x 4, 12AX7/ECC83 x 7, & 5AR4/GZ34 x 1. Amp is in Excellent Condition, NO Chassis or Transformer Rust. Brass colored cage is a little scratched up. Has been tested and sounds excellent, but as with all vintage amps the electrolytic capacitors should be replaced at some time for optimum performance. A Classic Amplifier that would make an excellent addition to anyones listening room or collection. Dont miss out on this classic piece of audio history.

Pilot SM-244 HiFi Integrated Stereo Tube Amp - SOLD pilotsm244$299.95

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