SDS Labs Mk3 Capacitor Board, Board Only, with instructions - ALSO SEE BOARD WITH PARTS LISTING

The Mk3 board increases capacity to 50-50-50-50 uF (two 100 uF in series per section) and the voltage rating to 630V per section (800V if you leave out the .1 uf bypass caps) eliminates capacitor problems the original 525V rated cap had that are caused by high line voltages and allows the use of solid-state diode replacements as well as the original tube (5AR4/GZ34 or 5U4) rectifier.The Mark 3 board also works on Dynaco Mark 2 (50 ohm 5W resistor required for Mark 2, not included), and most Sunn amplifiers that use Dynaco transformers (some Sunns will need additional resistors not included in the kit.
One board is required per amplifier.

Note that if you buy a blank board, the board capacitors on the Mk3 board cannot exceed 25 mm high by 25mm diameter in order to fit under the chassis. In all cases the first section should not exceed 60 uF if a tube rectifier is used.
One can use these boards for homebrew projects, any Panasonic TS series (or equiv such as Sprague 80D or 82D) that don't exceed diameter limits can be used, taller ones can be used if you have clearance.
Boards measure 3 inches (approx 77 mm) wide by 4 inches ( 102 mm) long, with about 1/4 (6.5 mm) overhang on each side for mounting standoff.

MK3 Cap Board Instructions


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