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Fender Bassman, Super Reverb, Hot Rod DeVille Style 50W / 60W Output Transformer 2/4/8 Ohm ClassicTone 40-18000

With proper raised mounting = 2" x 3-1/2". Paper layer wound output transformer like originals for that ultimate tone! These have the best grain oriented, M-6 steel lamination for cool running and high performance! Drop-in replacement for most Super Reverb amps. A great USA made alternative to the foreign made "Originals" or "Genuines" currently offered on the market for the Hot Rod DeVille**, Blues DeVille** and '93 Concert / Super amplifier models! Also, great as an upgrade in many Bassman models offering any combination of 2/4/8 Ohm impedances! A Best Value Output Transformer! It really does it all!!!
Amps Used In: Super Reverb** (general purpose / upgrade), Concert** (general purpose / upgrade), Bassman** (general purpose / upgrade), Hot Rod DeVille**, Hot Rod DeVille 212**, Blues DeVille**, Blues DeVille 212**, Super Reverb S112S **, '93 Concert**, '93 Super**, Super 60**, Super 112**, Concert II**...Others? See specifications for details!
For Reference Only: 018343, 041754, 022871, 125A13A, 022855, 125A9A, 036485
Made by Magnetic Components Inc. Right here in the USA....Specifications


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