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ClassicTone # 40-18029 Fender Super Reverb, Tweed Bassman, Pro, Bandmaster Reverb Style, 40W / 50W Power Transformer,100/120/220/240V ClassicTone 40-18029

Upgrade and/or general purpose power transformer for all of the mentioned amp models. A great multinational 100/120/220/240V power transformer! Paper layer wound like vintage era originals!
Amps Used in: Super Reverb**, Blackface Super Reverb**, Super Reverb AA763**, Super Reverb AB763**, Silverface Super Reverb**, Super Reverb AB568**, Super Reverb AA270**, Pro**, Blackface Pro**, Pro AB763**, Pro Reverb**, Silverface Pro Reverb**, Pro Reverb AB668**, Pro Reverb AA1069**, Pro Reverb AA270**, Bandmaster Reverb**, Blackface Bandmaster Reverb**, Bandmaster Reverb AA763**, Silverface Bandmaster Reverb**, Bandmaster Reverb AA1069**, Bandmaster Reverb AA270**, Bassman Ten** Others?....See specifications for details! ....See specifications for details!
For Reference only: 125P5D, 125P5DX, 022798, 022806
Made here in Chicago USA by Magnetic Components Inc. Made in USA Specifications


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