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TE-1B Germanium Boost Pedal - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

This is a complete kit for a Germanium Transistor Booster Pedal. The kit comes with Transistor, PCB Board w/parts, Jacks, Potentiometer, Knob, Enclosure, Hookup wire, and a high quality 3PDT stomp switch. Kit includes detailed build instructions and templates for drilling the enclosure. You will need a multimeter and access to a drill. Great vintage tone, this circuit is based on the infamous Rangemaster treble booster and includes two input caps for that classic treble booster sound or a full range boost. This thing will make your amp scream, perfect for driving that tube amp into rich saturated overdrive.

Note: Pedal in picture is built but you will receive a kit, not an assembled pedal. Battery not included.

TE-1B Germanium Boost Pedal Kit - NO LONGER AVAILABLE TE-1B$74.95

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