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Ultimate DIY Project Power Transformer Universal Multi-Tap Guitar HiFi Amp MADE IN USA - OUT OF STOCK

Made by Magnetic Components, Inc. (the maker of ClassicTone).
The Ultimate DIY Project Power Transformer! With three different High Voltage taps, Higher Current Capabilities of the 6.3V windings, and a 5V rectifier tube winding, this power transformer truly is a Chameleon.

Primary 120V 50/60Hz, Secondary Windings: 680VCT, 644CVT, or 580VCT @ 210mA DC, with 55V bias tap, 6.3VCT @ 6A, and 5V @ 1.9A. Transformer dimensions are 3-7/8 inches high X 3-1/4 wide X 4-1/4 inches deep over the covers, mounting hole centers are 2-1/2 inchs X 2.94 inches

This PT could be used to build a wide variety of Guitar & HiFi amplifiers. Examples: AC-30, Marshall Style 18W, 20W, & 36W, Marshall Style JTM-45 & other 50W circuits, Deluxe Reverb, Tremolux, Vibrolux, Tweed Deluxe circuits using pairs of cathode biased 6L6's or quads of 6V6's, Many Trainwreck Style circuits using pairs of 6V6's, EL34's, & quads of EL84's Homebrew versions of the Dynaco ST-35 & SCA-35, and Many Others!!

Keep in mind that while this transformer will work (electrically speaking) in the above mentioned circuits, the mounting style/dimensions may be different.


Wiring Diagram Universal PT

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