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Punch Kit 5 piecePunch Kit 5 pieceIncludes 5/8, 3/4, 11/16, 1 and 1 3/16 inch punches, covers popular tube socket sizes (the 1 3/16 size works fine for standard 1 1/8" size octal sockets).Punches up to 18 ga standard steel and .068 aluminum or copper, works on standard Budd and Hammond hobby chassis.

Click to enlargeNibbler ToolNibbler tool cuts hard to make square & rectangular holes in standard steel up to 18 ga , plastic, aluminum & copper up to .062 inch thick, from an easy to drill 3/8 inch starter hole.

Single Turret Staking ToolSingle Turret Staking ToolTurret Staking Tool for Single Turrets

DOUBLE Turret - PER PIECEHollow (tubular), pre-tinned turrets for 1/8" board material. Choose "per piece" or a 100 piece pack.


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