Tube Cad Circuit Designer CD-ROM by Glassware

No Longer a Stocked Item Tube CAD is the tube audio circuit computer aided design program from GlassWare for Windows 9x/Me/ NT/2000.TM

Tube CAD includes 13 types of tube circuits, divided into four variations each - 52 circuits in all. The circuit types are: Cascode,cathode follower,common cathode, differential amplifier, grounded cathode, grounded grid, I to V converter, long tail phase splitter, plate follower, push-pull, split-load phase splitter, totem-pole , and white cathode follower.

Also includes a built-in tube manual, with tube plate curves, tube base pin-out, tube envelope outlines - and it prints spec sheets. It also does circuit evaluation, with circuit error listing and auto load of corrections. Circuit reports can be made for single circuits and scenarios.And scenario comparisons can be made among four circuits per page


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