Click to enlargeTung Sol 6V6GT Power Tube Single

New Production Tung-Sol 6V6GT. Due to thicker grid & plate materials, this tube will withstand the High Plate Voltages produced by many Guitar Amps. Smooth Top End, Rich Mids & a Well Balanced Band-Width. Tweed Amp Lovers Rave about these Tubes! The preferred OEM tube of 50s-era Fender Tweed Champ and Deluxe amplifiers. The Tungsol 6V6 has a geometry designed to safely handle the higher voltages used in guitar amps plus heavier plate and grid materials. The result.. better mids and bottom while keeping the smooth top of the classic 6V6s. The Tungsol 6V6 breaks up evenly from low E to high up the neck. You will LOVE these tubes for the way they sing!


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